The eyes are the windows of the soul. It is considered the most important parts of the body. Protecting eyes inevitably triggers in daily life is extremely necessary, let’s refer to some daily habits affects for the eyes to have effective ways of preventing all of you.

Daily habits that affect to eyes

Using substances such as tobacco, alcohol

According to some statistics show that approximately 20% of patients with cataract is caused by smokers at high levels. Smoking not only affects the lung disease, but also increases the aging destroy collagen leading to cataracts and affects the daily life activities of patients.

Like cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol is also a factor affecting the eyes. When heavy drinking will cause red eyes and sharp lost god. In the case of force majeure, be mandatory drink you should add water to avoid damaging the eyes of yourselves. The use of stimulants is also daily habits affect the eyes. (more…)

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As the daughter, anyone also wants to own a smooth white skin and very upset when his face appeared “the uninvited guests”, acne, blackheads that you lose confidence and affect their quality of life. Here are tips on effective acne skin care at home.

Causes of Acne

Due to pressure of work with stress, fatigue makes you often have anxiety, severe unusual stress conditions for acne begins to form;

Unsuitable diet, inadequate nutrition, lack of food ingredients green vegetables and fruit; eat more foods that contain hot grease makes acne multiply, multiply rapidly;

Not drinking enough water every day;

Not enough sleep, you usually stay up late also cause acne very fast there;

When having acne, often look in the mirror, hands touch, bending acne phase are inflammatory lesions will increase the risk of spreading the infection to drive normal skin, while leaving deep scars intractable; (more…)

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Surely we know that water is the “panacea” for health and beauty, but how to drink properly, drinking water to have an effective health and raising of human beauty perhaps not everyone knows, so did backfire when regularly performed harmful drinking water following health that you need to avoid.

The way drinking water harm to health

Drink water as soon as boiling harm to health

Do you think the drinking water as soon as they boil will sterilize, good for health? This is completely false notion jog, drinking habits as soon as they boil water very damage for your health, it will increase the risk of cancer, it is very dangerous, but not everyone knows by this time chlorine used to disinfect water and combine with organic compounds availably in the country, create carcinogenic compounds such as halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform, extremely dangerous.

Many people think that drinking water as many times as possible modules for a clean kill bacteria would be better for the health, but the job is to harm your health because the water that usually has a small amount heavy metals such as lead healthy, cadimium, … and nitrate. When boiling water is boiled away repeatedly, undergo hydrolysis is relentless evaporation of nitrate and heavy metals in the water above will increase significantly, when absorbed into the body of heavy metals This will harm your health and nitrite salts are derived from nitrate in the water will affect the carrying capacity of blood in the body, the heart beats faster, breathing activity more difficult, even even if this habit lasted regularly combined with some other adverse conditions from environmental and human atopic may affect danger to life, too. It is very dangerous. (more…)

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Many people think that 40 is old age, beauty fades, nor have any desire or personal preference for yourself. But at any age you can be happy even when you are 40 if you really want. Some children live healthier secrets at 40 below, will help you see that age is more meaningful.

Read book

Often to reach age 40, children have grown up, sometimes you feel very lonely, afraid the street, afraid to go shopping and meet friends. Give yourself the habit of reading, depending on your interests, personality you can choose for themselves the appropriate book. Life would be more meaningful to know the beautiful young life at age 40 because the books will give you a lot of useful knowledge, you will not see the time elapsed boring, useless anymore.

Join social networks

Social networks connect people where you can sit around knowing you, friends, relatives, their children are doing, happy or sad. Maybe you’ll find an old friend and find more new friends with common interests through social networks. Then make an appointment directly outside will make life more exciting. (more…)

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Many people have the habit of starting the day with a glass of warm lemonade. This is a good habit to maintain because of warm lemon water will help you purify the body, increase resistance.

Strengthen resistance

High in vitamin C which have in content of lemon. It is good for you when it is colds. If you have a cold appearance, dry cough, a glass of warm lemon water every morning will help you lose annoying cough. Lemon juice is also particularly useful for patients with asthma and allergies.

Besides, lemon is also rich in potassium, which stimulates brain function and nerve, to help your brain stay awake to start your day.

Support activities digest

The composition of lemon juice acts as saliva and the digestive juices of hydrochloric acid, active liver produces bile, an acid necessary for digestion, so a glass of warm lemon in the morning will be the perfect drink help support digestion, preventing intestinal problems. (more…)

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